So Be It

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I led with my heart

Beating full with trust

Love again…

Never again

Yet another bruise

just another bust.

But I bleed for the day

When life will be okay

And I push forward a little bit more

End this rhythm without saying whore.

Not to disrespect,

but inside myself I have checked

Show you right

so here is to another lonely night






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During the middle of July in 2011, I had a crossroad approach my life. Without bringing
too much detail of my struggles and pains, I will say this; the one thing on my
mind was my wife and our children. Without them, life seemed meaningless and
the days leading up to the events that I will describe were filled in prayer
with tears, heat and an empty soul.

As life had turned a narrow and ugly path, I felt as if there was nothing I could do to
save sanity. My boss informed me that I would be transferred to a store in San
Ysidro New Mexico to train as a manager. San Ysidro is a very small community about 40 miles
northwest of Albuquerque. It is a street with a gas station that serves the Zia and Heymus tribes. Though
I knew nothing about the people of the…

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Get into the Building and Think Good Thoughts

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My favorite church
Housing the eternal history of regret through prayer,
the walls of the church remain standing. It is the good will, the positive prayer and the hope of a great tomorrow that keep the walls and spirit strong.
Father Arturo and his remedy conjured from epic tales of humanity keep warmth in a community that has otherwise gone cold.
Church is a place still valid. Spirituality maybe now more than ever is a vital way of living. Tomorrow with your efforts hers and mine, life can be as good as the tomorrow we pray for. This is just my take and request for a better you and a better way. Of course, I’ll not judge, for I am just as sinful as you. I am by all means, just a man. I am though, a man with hope.


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He’s not just a person walking down the street

He’s the one to stop and say hello

A simple minded teenager, maturing at his own pace


He wants to be stronger, I told him to be smarter

He wants to create peace and harmony in our corrupt world

He walks to his own beat

He’s the everyday hero we never get to thank

He needs neither costume nor no secret identity

His name is Marcus Jude

He’s our hero for the future                                                D.M

Time Lies

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Time is a lie

It is a fiend in the shadows

A seductive lady in the night.

It is faking a smile for the kids

It is going another mile.

Beaten, bruised, shattered time after time

Pretending not to be broken


Time is a scale

Deciding on money

maybe time with your honey

Time to work

time to write

time to live

time to lie

time never dies


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Bills bills bills

Let me tell you:

aggravation, irritation,

Who owes more than our nation?

No one, yet somehow they owe us.

With thick skin,

I dig in

I’m working all the time.

I can’t get ahead

So I lay in bed

trying to figure out these bills.

Why would I write this?

What did I write first?

You might want to check.

this here is my blog

Search me on

I write for you


Keep reading

tell your friends it’s a III thing

They just might understand.

Aztec Poem

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Solo venimos a dormir,

solo venimor a sonar:

No es verdad que venimos a vivir en la tierra.


We only came to sleep,

We only came to dream:

It is not true, it is not true that we came to live on the earth.

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